Younger Toddler (19 months to 24 months)

The younger toddler room works on the basic concepts of learning the basic skills that would help the toddlers to perfect the art of walking, climbing, sliding, and riding. That in turn would help them to build and sharpen their gross motor skills that are essential as the children progress from infancy to toddler-hood.

We believe that this particular stage is a critical time for us to help build the foundation of their self-confidence and that is the most important aspect that we work on. The goal for our younger toddler caregiver is to guide and encourage the student’s sense of discovery, support active learning, motivate exploration, and create secure connections.

We have designed our younger toddler room keeping in mind the essence, importance and vitality of the natural light and the role that it have on their overall development. We do understand that that toddlers can be messy sometimes and to take care of these bothersome situations we have introduced the concept of an open shower in our toddler room washroom, just in case things get out hand and the hygiene and cleanliness expectation are not compromised. The caregiver of this room is trained and ready and prepared for accidents that are bound to happen at this age.

The caretaker gives the children free choice of where they would like to play and what they would like to do. The caretaker aims to promote each child’s independence and to foster their own emerging identities and personalities. We do put a strong emphasis on helping the children so as to that they can gain independence with their self-help skills such as feeding themselves, beginning to dress and undress themselves. The caregiver works hard to help and assist them identifying their needs in respect to diaper changes, tiredness, thirst, and hunger and then communicating those needs to their caregivers. We do use electronic devices that update the parents about each and every child about how they are doing, what they are doing, what activities they are involved in and their progress in real time scenario on a daily basis.