Tornado drills will be practiced in the summer months.  If a tornado warning or tornado watch is in effect, the following procedures will be followed.

  • All children will stay inside.
  • The Director will monitor conditions and keep staff informed.
  • If a funnel cloud has been spotted in the area, along with other danger factors, such as high winds, children will be moved to areas without large windows and stay by an interior wall.
  • Staff will bring attendance sheets, a cell phone and the back packs containing the children’s portable records and first aid kit.
  • Children will stay in a group and must remain seated along an inside wall.
  • Staff will take attendance to ensure all children are present and talk with the children about the situation, providing assurance that they are in the safest spot.
  • Staff will move tables to where children are seated, pushing the tables up to the wall and children will go under the tables to protect them from any debris that may cause harm.
  • Once the children are in the safest place, the staff will get as close to the floor as possible and cover themselves with anything available.
  • If necessary, 911 will be called.
  • Parents will be informed of the circumstances and any necessary follow-up.
  • A report will be filed using the prescribed form (on the Human Services website) and provided to the daycare’s licensing officer (or Regional Licensing Office if the licensing officer is unable to be contacted.  (*See Incident Reporting Policy)


Original effective date:  March 2018