Baby Room (0 months to 18 months)

As far as the baby room is concerned it is going to the first encounter both for the parents as well as the babies with the daycare centre. We strive make this initial phase of our relationship to be a pleasant and a promising one, so as to develop and establish a longstanding relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

We have worked hard to present a scientifically designed and an aesthetically provoking room environment that is of course, safe for babies and that supports and promotes their emotional and physical well-being, stimulates their senses, and challenges their motor skills.

We have worked hard to come up with a quality design of the room that aims to create a classroom that is highly functional, aesthetically attractive, age-appropriate, child-directed, and teacher-supported. We have a well-designed group care environment that promotes children’s individual and social development. The setting, layout, and equipment all give babies many opportunities to challenge themselves through seeing, touching, feeling, and moving. In surroundings that are safe to explore freely wherein the infants learn to map their environment cognitively, learn to manipulate it, and work on mastering it.

We have stacked our room with age and developmentally appropriate toys like mobiles, rattles, soft toys which do provide visual stimulation, promotes brain development, helps in the development motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. We work on sensorimotor skills that involve receiving sensory messages and producing a response.

The caregivers work hard to make sure that the children in our baby room have a strong sense of identity, are connected with and contribute to their world, have a strong sense of well being, are confident and involved learners and are effective communicators.