Older Toddler’s (2 Year’s to 3 Year’s)

The older toddler room is a very creative room, which focuses on self-expression and developing expressive language. Although the basic strategies of imparting education and meeting their development needs are almost the same, it is just that the The older toddlers are now beginning to move away from parallel play and are exploring to move towards cooperative play with other children. In this room they are learning how get along and play together and it emphasized through various activities in the room. A lot of planning and hard work is done on the part of caregiver to organize and implement activities that foster the above-mentioned skills of cooperative play, teamwork. At this stage we introduce many concepts including colors, shapes and community helpers. We keep on fostering self-help skills such as feeding themselves, potty training, independence, and self-confidence that are already being worked upon and are fostered in our young toddlers. At this stage the caregiver also  starts implementing, planning and offering activities for children to explore their world through art, music, creative movement. The caregiver also works on language development, reading readiness, and numbers in a stimulating, sensitive and entertainment environment.