Baby Room

Baby Room (0 months to 18 months)

As far as the baby room is concerned it is going to the first encounter both for the parents as well as the babies with the daycare centre.

Younger Toddler

Younger Toddler (19 months to 24 months)

The younger toddler room works on the basic concepts of learning the basic skills that would help the toddlers to perfect the art of walking, climbing, sliding, and riding.


Older Toddler

Older Toddler (2 Year’s to 3 Year’s)

The older toddler room is a very creative room, which focuses on self-expression and developing expressive language.


Preschool Room (3 Year’s to 4 ½ Year’s)

Our preschool room is organized and developed around interest areas or learning centers.


Kinder Room (4 ½ year’s to 6 Year’s)

In our kinder room, we emphasize in the areas of learning specifically dedicated to literacy including the whole language and phonetics.


OSC Room (6 Year’s to 12 Year’s)

Our OSC room is based on a philosophy that intends and supports our students in becoming the good natured, tenderhearted, kindest and most capable.